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You may know exactly what you want to say but if not we can work with you to make sure you deliver the right message  
  • PRE-PLANNING - The first questions we are going to ask you are; what is the objective of the project how is it going to be used and what are the critical constraints, including the budget. From here we can work with you to plan the; what, where, when, who and how long so that we can produce the product you want in the budget you have available.
  • SCRIPT WRITING - Even the shortest shoot will benefit from a written script. If you are trying to get a specific message across or you need to ensure that things happen in the correct order then you should always start with a script. This is even more critical if your project has a fixed running time or you need to do any over dubs at a later stage. We can help you write and /or edit a script so it is on message and on the time line!
  • STORY BOARDING - Once you have a script you need to plan the shoot and a lot of time can be saved by producing a storyboard (like a cartoon strip) of each shot. This allows you to group shots together that take place in the same location. It also allows you to see where there might be a production problem before you start shooting, saving time and cost in your project. 
  • LOCATIONS - You may wish to use your own premises or facilities but it may not be as suitable as you think. We will happily talk you through the production needs and help ensure that you have the right location from the start. If a venue has to be found or your project requires a specific location, we can source a suitable site and endeavour to arrange the appropriate permissions on your behalf.  
  • CASTING - You may wish to use your own staff for your project. This can be a good and bad decision for a number of reasons that we will happily talk you through. If on the other hand you prefer to use experienced actors (or perhaps well a known celebrity or two), we can help you secure the right people that will give you the result you are looking for.
Whatever your AV needs we can help you plan develop and produce the production you need.

We are very happy to work in the education and charity sectors, where we understand that the need is important but budgets are tight! Please talk to us about your challenge.

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