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Line drawing animation 



Simulated hand-drawn titles can offer 
an effective intoduction or tell a story throughout your production


Hand-draw your new product then
transform into the reality
- or simply overlay a key detail


Add impact to your voiceover lecture
with a simulation of you explaining
it on a whiteboard

Modern software has made animation a lot more accessible to tight budgeted projects. From simply animating the titles to short training, information and product promotion videos, all are now possible within sensible budgets.

We can work with your artist or existing graphics or create new images from your ideas. Simulated white board or flip chart sketches are often used to enhance a pre-recorded lecture or presentation. We can also provide voiceover artists, sound effects and music to bring your project to life.

Let us turn a line drawing of a new product into a photograph of the finished work, or over lay detail drawings onto a photograph.

Whatever your AV needs we can help you plan develop and produce the production you need.

We are very happy to work in the education and charity sectors, where we understand that the need is important but budgets are tight! Please talk to us about your challenge.

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