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Professional aerial services



A drone can get to places you could never reach without expensive scafolding.


What better way to maximise the impact of a quality property than from the air


For stand alone HQ shots, or part of a corporate promotional video, you can't beat it.


Capture every stage of the development for promotional or the archive 

Drone shot video and photography has made, previously prohibitively expensive, aerial shots accessible to almost every production budget. Whatever your aerial needs, be they cinematic filming, property photography or roof surveys and inspections. Our professional pilots are fully CAA licensed and insured to £5m.  

Before we can commit to an aerial project, we have to review the location and the requirements. Any flight we undertake must comply with the CAA law, taking into account any flight restrictions that may be in place at the time, the safety of people, animals in the vicinity and any structures or complex terrain within the fly zone.

Flight is only possible in certain weather conditions; rain and wind are not drone friendly unfortunately and if visibility is low due to fog or haze this can also prevent flight. As the weather cannot be accurately predicted, some flexibility may be required on the date of the shoot. This will be discussed in more detail when we know more about the project.

The commercial use of UAV’s or ‘drones’ in the UK is covered under the Air Navigation Order. In order to carry out flights commercially we are licenced for commercial operations by the CAA in the UK which is required if images or video are taken for profit or gain. We always operate within all UK legislation be it the Data Protection Act, or the CAA regulations on commercial drone use.

CAA regulations require that we adhere to very specific privacy laws, and as the UAV will be taking photographs or video, we must adhere to these regulations. Some of the key regulations that may affect the viability of your shoot are: 

  1. We cannot fly within 50 meters of people, vehicles or any structure that is out of our control. We can however fly over them at a height of 50 meters or more.
  2. We cannot fly within 150 meters of organised open-air gatherings with more than 999 people, or over congested areas. This can impact on locations within towns, villages and any industrial estates, not to mention festivals etc.

Despite the important restrictions, we can usually find a solution so talk to us about your requirements.

Our quotations are fully inclusive of a pre-site survey, a risk assessment along with any additional marshals that may be required. Also included will be a CAA approved pilot, all flight and safety equipment and public liability insurance.

We can either provide you with the unedited photographs/video footage or incorporate the material into a complete production.

Whatever your AV needs we can help you plan develop and produce the production you need.

We are very happy to work in the education and charity sectors, where we understand that the need is important but budgets are tight! Please talk to us about your challenge.

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